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Boiler controller Luxury 4 Nr. Part No: 21201010301


Manufacturer: Kostrzewa
Model: Regulator pracy kotła Luxus 4
EAN: 21201010301
Shipment:24 hours
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Quantity:1 piece.

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Boiler controller Luxus 4

Nr. Part No: 21201010301
Boiler controller Luxury 4 is a modern microprocessor system controls the operation of solid fuel boiler equipped with a blower.

The controller controls not only the boiler, but also the central heating, hot water and an additional pump for example. Underfloor heating.

The device controls the combustion process by providing the appropriate amount of air.

By using solid state relays blower power is continuously adjustable.

Safe operation blower - the blower is controlled by the chip that provides smooth power control, and connected in series with the relay control circuit increases the reliability of the blower.

ZTK - independent of the electronic system of the boiler temperature protection for enhanced security.

Modulation power blower - used in the controller allows you to adjust the fan power to the furnace conditions in order to achieve economic and ecological operation of the boiler. Parameters: minimum, maximum power blower, regulation zone.

Blow - cyclic blower work after reaching the operating temperature of the boiler. Parameters: power blower przedmuchach, uptime, downtime, the maximum temperature of the purge, the ability to disable.

Lighting - efficient lighting thanks to the many nastawom such as: power blowers during firing, the firing time, firing temperature threshold.

Blanking - easy and fast to capture the moment of lack of fuel reduces energy losses. Parameters: threshold temperature blanking timeout.

Sterowanie3 pumps - NEW! Central heating systems and domestic hot water are becoming more complex and require more pumps.

Testing Output - Enables you to check the accuracy and efficiency of electrical connections actuators before starting the boiler.

Testing inputs - This function enables checking the connections of sensors and controller peace.

Alphanumeric display - facilitates communication device with the user, and the service is very simple.

Multiple menu languages ​​- easy to use device.

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