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    between: 8.00 - 16.00

    Sales department
    Technical consultant
    boilers and burners:

    Piotr Lamkowski
    tel. +48 663 76 79 75

    Department of parts parts:

    Paulina Lamkowska
    tel. +48 796-157-939


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    Service Department
    Germany, Austria, France,
    Switzerland,Denmark, Norway, Spain:

    Piotr Lamkowski
    tel. +48 663 76 79 75

    Mega Media Tech

    Nip: 669-106-30-05
    Regon: 330875007
    Bank Zachodni WBK
    Nr. konta dla wpłat krajowych: 
    79 1090 1711 0000 0001 2992 9865
    Dla wpłat zagranicznych:
    numer IBAN: 
    PL 17 1090 1711 0000 0001 2993 0011
    Authorized service
    Service Kostrzewa.

    tel: + 48 663 76 79 75,  
    Open 8,00 - 16,00

    About the company

    Our company has its headquarters in Koszalin , its founding year is 1998
    We specialize in servicing boilers and solid fuel burners KOSTRZEWA ® company .
    Servicing run in Western Pomerania and Pomerania .
    We have extensive experience in servicing of boilers and burners for biomass KOSTRZEWA ® ,
    gained during many years of work in the field , currently under the care service we have over 360 boilers and burners. Buying in our company any heating appliance brand KOSTRZEWA , you can be sure that we will first take care of his condition, so that you blankly served especially during the heating season .

    As a Regional Sales Representative , Distributor and Authorized Service CO boilers KOSTRZEWA ® , we invite you to familiarize yourself with our full range of commercial products renowned KOSTRZEWA ® .
    All proposed boilers KOSTRZEWA ® purchase the state in our company in the prices COMPANY ! Boilers and burners are sent to you directly from the factory ! With this solution, we are confident that the boilers and burners are new and have full warranty and the latest software .
    In addition, as a bonus , we provide FREE :
    - Transport within the country ,
    - Obligatory commissioning of the boiler purchased from us or burner by our highly qualified service .

    You are welcome !


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    Package up to 30 kg of the territory of Poland
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      - download - 30 PLN
      - pallet - PLN 209.10
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    Dear customers!

    we would like to inform you that on 24/12/2018. and 31/12/2018 KOSTRZEWA will not ship shipments of ordered products.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the above situation